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Gastrau's Golf Center - Open Year Round!
Mini-Golf Senior - 62 & Over
Adventure Golf
Brand New Carpeting!

Mini-Golf Child - 15 & Under
Birthday Parties

$ 5

$ 3

Invitation sent by Gastrau's
One Round of Unique Miniature Golf
1/4 Sheet Cake Customized for Child
2 Pizzas & Drinks
Quality "Goody Bags" with certificate for a free round of Mini-Golf
Two Hour Duration
A Party Hero will be assigned to each party.  
Our Party Hero will assure that your party is safe, fun and entertaining. 

$ 175 for first 8 children; $10 each additional child.  
**$50 deposit required an all parties**
If you have any question concerning details, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
Mini-Golf Adult - 16 & Over

$ 5
3 & Under Free!
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The Course Cheat Sheet
Hole 1
-A dog leg left, and a blind tee shot for some, this hole has a flower hazard on the left, so make sure to keep it to the right. 
-Risk cutting it near the hazard and a putt on the left side of the hump could result in a Hole-In-One!
​​​​Hole ​​2   
​​​​ -This has two options going left or right around the tree​.   
-Make sure to hit it hard enough to get onto the elevated green!​
​Hole 3
-A downhill dog leg right, this is one of the harder holes on the course!
-Hit it softly and aim just to the right of the rock, letting it roll down to the bottom.
-If you hit it into the water, a grate will catch your ball and it will roll back onto the green.

Hole 4
-Another downhill dog leg right, this one requires a very light touch.
-Aim just to the right of the right side and let the ball trickle down to the hole.
Hole 5
-This a straight hole with a pond on the right side.
-Keep it left and make sure to try and get it up and over the hump protecting the hole.
-A straight shot could earn you a hole-in-one!

Hole 6
-This is another straight shot with a slightly uphill green.
-Watch out for the dip on the right, which could leave your ball well short of the hole!
Hole 7
-This a straight hole with a sand trap directly in the middle.
-Hit it to the left of the trap and you could end up well short of the hole.
-The smart play is going to the right of the sand trap and hitting it up and over the ridge.
-Make sure not to hit it to hard because it could go into the water.
Hole 8
-This hole goes over a bridge and looks to have two angles of attack, but don't be fooled!
-A shot to the right will leave you in the water unless you get lucky...
-Leaving with a one is quite possible on this hole.
Hole 9
-This side winding hole is one of the harder holes on the course.
-Aim just to the left bricks at the start of the curve and let the ball ricochet down to the bottom and underneath the bridge towards the hole.
-Hitting it too hard on the tee shot could leave your ball out of bounds!
Hole 10
-With two pathways to attack the hole, players can choose whichever makes them feel more comfortable.
-Underneath requires less ricochets off the bricks, but over the top is fun as well!
-WATCH OUT, too hard of a shot will leave your ball in the water
Hole 11
-Tee the ball up on the right side of the green to have a better angle of attack towards the hole.
-OR, aim to the right of the planter and use the bricks to your advantage!
-The green is tucked away on the left side in a small depressed area.
Hole 12
-Being the straightest green on the course, the hole is smack dab in the middle.
-Make sure you hit it hard enough to get through the lower level, and this hole could easily get you a HOLE-IN-ONE!
Hole 13
-This dog leg right has rough and sand right in front of the tee box!
-Make sure to hit the ball in between so it rolls better.
Use the slope on the right to your advantage, but make sure you don't hit it too hard because it can easily end up in the pond.
Hole 14
-This uphill green is one of the hardest holes on the course!
-With water all along the left and two planters in the way, this hole is very challenging for most competitors.
Make sure to hit it just hard enough to get to the top, otherwise your ball will roll back down and may even end up in the river.
-A hole-in-one on this hole, and you can call yourself a mini golf pro.
Hole 15
-Another very tough hole, this uphill dog leg right will frustrate many golfers.
-The best way to approach this hole is by trying to bounce your ball off the rocks.
-Make sure to hit it hard enough, or it'll just roll back to the bottom!
Hole 16
-This hole has a depressed green with two paths to get to it.
-One way is through the tube, which BEWARE, hitting it in the tube doesn't necessarily mean it'll go into the hole.
-Hitting it to the right will generally leave it to far away to get it in the hole in two shots, unless you hit it to the left of the hump.
Hole 17
-This uphill hole has a straight line at the hole.
Make sure you hit it hard enough and you could end your round with a happy one!
Hole 18
-This final hole is straight and slightly uphill. Tee the ball up on the right side, so that you have a better angle of the hole.
-If you follow these tips, I guarantee you'll shoot lower and destroy your competitors!!!!
-Most importantly, you won't end up like this disgruntled mini golfer!!