• Known for it's innovation, Callaway is used by some of the best players on Tour!
  • They also offer unique customization features for woods.



  • Flash face technology puts erratic thin and thick spots on the back of the face for optimal COR launching the ball farther

  • Cyclone aero shape making the clubhead more aerodynamic and reducing drag

  • Jailbreak technology stabilizes the crown allowing the face to be more flexible

  • 9, 10.5, and 12 degree (RH Only) lofts are available

  • +2 and -1 loft adjustability

  • Shafts available include the UST Helium Black, Project X Evenflow Riptide, and the Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI


  • The easiest to hit out of the MAVRIK  family, this club is designed for maximum distance

  • With two interchangeable weights (14g and 2g), this driver can be set to make drawing the ball easier by putting the 14g weight on the heel

  • Flash face technology optimizes the COR launching the ball further

  • Putting the 14g weight on the back will increase carry and distance

  • Lofts come in 9, 10.5, and 12 degree heads with +2 and -1 of adjustability

  • The same shafts as the MAVRIK are available!

MAVRIK Subzero

  • For individuals whom have trouble with keeping the ball low and have a lot of club head speed

  • This is a slightly smaller head at 450cc with interchangeable weights

  • Gives players as low of spin as possible 

  • 9 and 10.5 degree heads are available

  • Flash Face Technology puts thick and thin spots on the face of the club head for better mishits 

  • The same shafts as the MAVRIK are available!

Fairway Woods

MAVRIK (Max & Subzero)

  • Flash Face SS220 designed to make the face as fast as possible

  • Jailbreak technology gives added stability for a "springier" face 

  • Paired with T2C Carbon and face cup technology, this club is designed for fast ball speed and forgiveness

  • Unique geometry for easy launch with a single fixed weight in back for a lower CG for high launch and a flat trajectory

  • Shafts available are the same as listed above for Drivers!

  • The MAVRIK Max will give you added distance while the Subzero is designed to give low spin for those that hit it really high

  • 3+ wood (13.5 degrees), 3-wood (15), 4-wood (16.5), 5-wood (18), 7-wood (21)



  • For handicaps from 9-20, Flash face and cup technology combined make this club ideal to launch the ball higher and farther

  • Patented micro urethane foam helps dampen shots for better feel and maximize the COR for more spring off the face

Club      4      5      6      7      8      9      PW      AW      GW      SW

Loft      18     21    24   27    31.5  36      41        46         51        56

  • Shafts include True Temper Elevate and the Project X Catalyst (Graphite)


  • For handicaps from 15-36, this club head has a larger body for increased forgiveness

  • With the Tungsten energy core, the CG is also lower for easy, higher launch

  • Flash face technology puts more spring in the face

  • Urethane microspheres dampen shots for better feel

Club      4      5      6      7      8      9      PW      AW      SW      

Loft      20    23    26    30   34    38      43        48       54        

  • Shafts include the KBS Max 80 and the Project X Catalyst (Graphite)


  • For 3-10 handicappers, this has a very thin topline, minimal offset, and a very compact face

  • Has the same features including the flash face tech, and urethane microspheres

  • Designed for ball shaping and has a more traditional iron look

Club      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      PW      AW      

Loft      19     21   23.5 26.5 30.5 34.5 38.5   43        48        

  • Shafts include the KBS TGI 90 (Graphite) and the True Temper Elevate 105 

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