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Get Fit to Your Swing and NOT the other way around!
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At Gastrau's Golf Center, our mission is to make you a better golfer at the best price! We aren't looking to sell you the most expensive thing, but rather the clubs that ...
Club Fitting
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Why Get Clubs from Us?

The answer is simple really. We will fit clubs to YOUR SWING and never the other way around. Our mission is to find something that actually improves your golf game. We aren't looking to sell you the most expensive thing we have, but rather the best thing for you!!! Not to mention, we will almost always give you a lower price than the big guys.

During our club fitting process, we use our TrackMan to let you see the whole picture. Tracking statistics such as spin, launch angles, carry, and more, we're able to identify which clubs you're hitting the best. With TrackMan technology, we can easily track and display the dispersion and carry averages of each club that you're trying out.  This visual representation makes it very easy to see how the clubs, or shafts compare.

We carry a number of different shaft options and clubheads for our brands here which include TaylorMade, Ping, Wilson Staff, Tour Edge, and Callaway. Regardless of your skill level, we can fit you and make sure you're leaving our facility with a set of clubs you can trust.  If you'd like to schedule a club fitting, sign up through the booking option above!

Meet Our Fitter

Steve Gastrau

Steve is our main fitter and owner at Gastrau's Golf Center. With over 20 years of experience, he knows what golfers are looking for regardless of your skill level! Being an avid golfer himself, he understands that no two golfers are alike and every club will react differently to different swings. He's Callaway Fit Certified too. He is patient with you and he'll start every club fitting by getting to know your swing and what you're looking for. His main priority is to have you leave our facility with a smile and a new found confidence during every swing with your new clubs.

If you have any questions for Steve specifically, email him at!