Introducing Toptracer's 1st ever GLOBAL Competition from Dec. 5-8th!!

From December 5th to the 8th, Toptracer will be hosting a global tournament at ranges across the world! We will be giving out prizes to the golfers at the top of Gastrau's Leaderboard and you can try it as many times as you want during this timeframe.

How it Works

The tournament will consist of nine approach shots at a course that isn't on the system as of right now. The player with the lowest cumulative distance from the flags will win the tournament! The distances range from 55-160 yards and the course has a lot of water involved. 

There is a "penalty" distance added to your score if you end up off the green. This distance added varies depending on what you land in.

You must have the Toptracer App in order to Participate!!
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