Gastrau's TopTracer Challenges 

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What is it?

Every month, Gastrau's Golf Center will be hosting a ton of challenges. The competitions will begin on the 1st of every month and conclude on the last day of the month. The leaderboard will be across six challenge with each game mode's 1st place golfer receiving a FREE Large Toptracer bucket. The games modes are explained below and go more in depth about what challenge requires. 

*To enter these challenges- The Toptracer Range app MUST be downloaded and the QR code must be scanned prior to beginning!

Challenge 1- Virtual Golf

In this challenge, golfers have the opportunity to play some of the worlds most famous courses including St. Andrews Old Course and Pebble BeachPlay the front 9, back 9, or all 18 holes by yourself or bring up to four people to golf! If you scanned the code in the beginning, all scores will be uploaded to the leaderboard for a chance to win!

*PLEASE NOTE- Taking mulligans/rehits will not allow your score to count towards monthly prizes.

THE COURSE THIS MONTH: St. Andrews, Old Course- Yellow Tees                                        FRONT NINE ONLY!


Challenge 2- Longest Drive

Have someone always bragging about how long their drive is? Well make them put their money where their mouth is with Long Drive Competition! In the challenge, golfers have unlimited attempts to hit the longest drive they can muster.


However, the drive has to remain within the set boundaries

(about 50 yards across) for the score to count. The total

distance, in yards, will be your final score!

*There is no specific course for this game mode, but

please remember to be signed in for the score to 


Long Drive.png

Challenge 3- Closest to the Pin


Okay fine, perhaps the driver is not your best friend, but your short irons might be! In the Closest to the Pin Challenge, the player must get the ball as close to the hole as possible. The total distance from the hole will be the players score. 

*There will be a chosen hole for each month and your score will only count if it is played on the same hole as the challenge requires.


THE HOLE THIS MONTH IS: St. Andrews- Hole 11- 167yds

Challenge 4- Points Game

In this game type, players must aim at flags on the range and score points by hitting the area around each flag. As the flags get farther and farther back, the point values increase. There are also floating multipliers to double the amount of points scored.


The game consists of two rounds and three shots per player, resulting in six shots total by each player. The final score is the six shots added up!

*There is no course to be played here and the flags in the course all line up with the in game flags to assist in aiming!

PTS Game.png

Challenge 5- Driving Challenge

Where distance meets precision- in the Driving Challenge, the goals is to hit the ball far and straight. Like a normal tee shot, you want the ball to find the fairway and get some distance. The player will go on 9 different holes and the score is determines by the shot's length and accuracy. 

The total points will be added up at the end and the total points will be the final score!

THE COURSE THIS MONTH IS: Ullna Golf Course- Middle Tees

Challenge 6- Approach Challenge

This game, similar to the Closest to the Pin, relies on short, but accurate shots to succeed. However, this game Mose takes the player through 9 different approach shots with varying distances. The scoring is very similar as well- the distance from the hole is your score. Your score can vary on the location of the ball, whether it lands in the green, water, or rough!


The final total at the end of the 9 holes the final score!