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Virtual Golf

Toptracer puts a whole new spin on virtual golf. No simulators are involved and putting is no longer automatic. Our virtual golf is done outside (underneath powerful heated bays in the winter of course) where you see your real ball flight and it gets "virtualized". No more wondering whether the screen is accurately reading your shot. The best part is there's no time limit, so you don't need to worry about adding another hour of time if you're only on the 15th green.

Behind each covered hitting bay, there is a touch screen that looks like the image below.

Toptracer Screen View With Directions.png

Once you get within 30 yards of the flag on the hole, your next shot is Toptracers version of "Putting".

Virtual Golf Putting (8 x 4.5 in).png

The radius of the landing circle depends on how close you are to the hole in the game. The closer you are, the bigger those circles become. The farther away the flag out on the range you hit at is, the bigger the circle is as well.

Pricing & How to Book

The pricing is charged by bucket. For each Toptracer bucket, golfers pay a small additional fee with unlimited time to finish hitting. 
Small Bucket
(~40 golf balls)
Small Bucket No Background.png
Medium Bucket
(~70 golf balls)
Medium Bucket No Background.png
Large Bucket
(~100 golf balls)
Lg Bucket No Background.png
*Please note the pricing is by bucket, and not a one-time fee.
We are a first come, first serve facility at the moment. However, you can always call ahead before you come to see what the wait would be like. If there is a waiting list, you can put your name down before you show up, so when you arrive you are next up or close to it.

Golfers are allowed to have up to four people in one bay. Ask about the ends with couches for larger groups!
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