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Golf Lessons

Tom Holterman

Assistant Golf Professional Oakwood Park:2000-2010

Assistant Golf Professional Hidden Glen: 2010-Present

Rates: 1/2 Hour-$50

  • 1 Hour Lesson-$90

  • 4 (1/2) Hour Lessons-$175

  • 4 (1) Hour Lessons-$315

  • Juniors 16 & Under-$40 per 1/2 Hour OR $70 per Hr.

  • Junior Package 4 (1/2) Hour Lessons-$140

Lessons DO NOT include range balls. To schedule a lesson with Tom, contact him directly at (414)-403-3126.

Bruce Krajcir

With over 25 years of experience teaching, Bruce is able to teach all ages and skill levels with the primary goal of improving your game and making golf more fun! With emphasis on fundamentals, Bruce can quickly diagnose swing issues and help golfers make simple, yet effective swing changes to improve their game.

Rates: Adults

  • 1 45-Minute Lesson-$70

  • 5 (45-Minute) Sessions-$325

Group Lessons (2-3 Adults)

  • 1 Hour Sesson-$90

  • 5 (1 Hour) Sessons-$425

Junior Lessons (12-16 Yrs Old OR 10-12 With Adult Present)

  • 1 45-Minute Session-$60

  • 5 (45-Minute) Sessions-$275

Lessons DO NOT include range balls.


To schedule with Bruce, contact him directly at (414)-322-3500, or email

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