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Better equipment, better results, lower scores, & more fun!
Service is FREE with purchase of equipment.
At Gastrau's Golf Center, our mission is to make you a better golfer at the best price! We aren't looking to sell you the most expensive thing, but rather the clubs that ...
Club Fitting
1 hr
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The GGC Difference


We want to make golf more fun. How do you do that? The shortest answer is shoot lower scores! Our goal for every fitting is for the golfer to hit more fairways, stick more greens, and make more putts. Although these things take a lot of practice, a new club or set of clubs can make the journey a heck of a lot easier!

Behind every technological advancement, there are millions of data points backing their research. Why not do the same for your golf equipment? 

Trackman is one of the leading-edge ball and swing tracking instruments in the golf industry today. With this technology, we can track hundreds of parameters in your golf swing to find the perfect shaft and clubhead combination. 

All this data and fine-tuning helps us achieve our number one goal for you as a golfer, lower scores and more fun.

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Golf equipment nowadays usually comes with a decent sized price tag. That's why it's all the more important that you get the correct equipment and take the guesswork out of it!

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We want you to be sure that your results during the fitting will translate to the course. That's why we offer outdoor fittings and grass fittings when the weather turns nice!

Most fittings are done indoors hitting into a screen. At GGC, we do our fittings outdoors (underneath powerful heaters during the cold months) where you can see the actual ball flight to back up our Trackman data.

When the weather turns nice, we also offer fittings off real grass as well!

Nothing beats real world conditions, which is why we continue to offer a fitting that will translate to the course.

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Let's face it, golf is extremely hard, especially when you're starting out! Don't make it harder on yourself by starting out with the incorrect equipment for your swing.

With thousands of fitting combinations and decades of expertise, we pride ourselves in being able to shave strokes off your score even if you're already a low digit handicapper. 


Steve Gastrau started GGC over 25 years ago with the goal of making golf more fun for any skill level! Aside from the business, he's been playing golf for over 50 years and continues to this day as a single digit handicapper.

Making sure you leave our facility with the correct equipment is our main priority, but we also want to make sure the fitting is a positive, and fun experience.

With 25 years of fitting knowledge, Steve has seen thousands of swings and uses that expertise to dial in the perfect set of clubs for your game!

Types of Fittings


For every club in the bag, fittings will vary in time and also have different parameters that we're looking to dial in to get the best results possible!


For drivers, we want to maximize distance and keep you in the fairway! The key parameters include launch angle, spin rate, smash factor, and ball speed. 

Fairway woods look at a lot of the same factors as listed above. However, we're looking to fill the gap between your driver and lowest iron or hybrid.


Hybrids are an extremely versatile club that is made for multiple situations. It bridges the gap between your fairway woods and irons, but it is also used an approach shot in a lot of situations.

The key parameters we're looking at are landing angle, spin rate, and distance.


Callaway Paradym Back View_edited.png

Irons are used almost every hole. Lie angle and length on top of all the other characteristics of a club are crucial to getting the correct fit. Distance, landing angle, and spin are extremely important to optimizing distance, but also getting the ball to stop on the greens!

For wedges, the bottom line is control. We want to find wedges that are easy to hit, versatile from any lie, and also stop on a dime. We want to keep your wedge shot at the correct trajectory, gapping, and produce enough spin to stop the ball on the greens.


We can help find the optimal type of putter head (mallet, blade, or somewhere inbetween), length, and lie to help you sink more putts!

Using the Trackman, we can minimize skid to keep the rolling pure for better distance control.

Callaway Odyssey Rossie A.I_edited.png


Although we can do a full bag fitting in one session, we prefer to break it up into multiple sessions to prevent fatigue. Realistically, hitting that many shots in a single session changes the parameter of your swing. This doesn't necessarily give you the best conditions to find the optimal clubs.

Although we prefer two 2-Hour sessions, I would expect around 3 hours for a full bag fitting if you're looking to do it in a single session.

If you have any specific questions for us, please click here!

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