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Gastrau's Club Fittings

Get Fit to Your Swing and NOT the other way around!
Buy Clubs from us and the fitting's free
At Gastrau's Golf Center, our mission is to make you a better golfer at the best price! We aren't looking to sell you the most expensive thing, but rather the clubs that ...
Club Fitting
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Why Get Clubs from Us?

The short answer is we’ll make you better, period. Every year, golf companies come out with bigger, better, and newer technology. We’re here to help you navigate these sometimes murky waters with expertise in our brands, and club fitting to help you lower your scores one shot at a time.

Bringing Science to Your Swing

Whether you’re brand new to golf, or a scratch player, data on your swing is absolutely vital to improving your score

and shooting lower rounds. That’s why we’ve invested in Trackman, a world-renowned ball tracking system. This dual radar system tracks the golf swing and ball flight with pinpoint precision giving you accurate feedback on every swing. This allows us to take a scientific approach in our club fittings. If you’d like to learn more about TrackMan, click here.

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Fittings Meant for the Pro & Beginner

Beginner's to the Pro's Golfers.png

Being in business for over 20 years, we’ve seen a lot of different swings. From the scooper to the purist, we’ve done fittings for every skill level. If this is your first year on the course, or your 20th, we are here to make your golf game better. Club fittings can be intimidating sometimes, especially for a newer player. We take pride in making it a fun experience while giving expert fitting advice. If you have other questions about the fitting specifically, please email Brent at

Save Big with Our Rewards Program

As a way to say thank you to our customers, we offer a no charge, no hassle rewards program! Every dollar spent at our facility can save you money in the long run. Not to mention, our rewards program far exceeds the benefits of big box stores. From free buckets, to 50% off a driver, this program is meant to benefit you. To see a full list of our rewards, click here.

Swinging For Success

At Gastrau’s Golf Center, we carry a number of different brands including TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, Tour Edge, and Wilson Staff. With each company, we have fitting kits that come with tons of shaft and clubhead combinations letting us dial in what works best for your swing. See for yourself what a new set of clubs can do for your game and sign up for a club fitting with the tab above!

Meet Our Fitter

Steve Gastrau
"Over 20 Years of Fitting Experience"

Steve is our main fitter and owner at Gastrau's

Golf Center. With over 20 years of experience,

he knows what golfers are looking for regardless

of your skill level! Being an avid golfer himself,

he understands that no two golfers are alike and

every club will react differently to different swings.

He's Callaway and TrackMan Certified too. He is

patient and he'll start every club fitting by getting to

know your swing and what you're looking for. His main priority is to have you leave our facility with a smile and a newfound confidence during every swing with your new clubs.

If you have any questions for Steve specifically, email him at!

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