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The shaft is what we like to think of as the engine of the golf club. This piece is equally as important as the clubhead itself. The wrong shaft can lead to worse dispersion, less consistency, and less distance.


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For every swing speed, there is an optimal launch angle and spin rate that a golfer needs to optimize distance off the tee! With so many shafts on the market, it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out what best suites your swing. That's where we come in!


Flex, weight, feel, and numerous other factors are essential to reaching that ideal "window" that better golfers so often talk about. With our expertise and numerous demo shaft options, we can help find the perfect pairing with your current driver head to reach your ultimate goal whether that's more distance, consistency, or something in between.

Want to know what works best for your swing?

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The main goal of woods and hybrids are to create ideal gapping between your driver and the lowest iron found in your bag. Depending on how many irons and wedges you play determines the number of hybrids and woods that you can have.  

Wood shafts should be around 5-15g heavier than your driver shaft. This helps maintain a similar feel and swing weight. 

Hybrid shafts should weigh somewhere between your longest iron shaft and fairway wood shaft.  KBS makes specific shafts that are built for hybrids to ensure the same feel as you might have in your irons. 

If you'd like to learn more, please send us an email with the button below and we can answer any additional questions you may have or set up a consultation.

Woods and Hybrids
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With thousands of shaft options out there, it's tough to choose which shaft is optimal for your swing. As we are a KBS Certified dealer, we carry a wide variety of shafts including KBS Tour, KBS Tour Lite, KBS Max, and more. Anything we don't have in-stock, we can order and get it shipped and installed within 3-5 business days. Better yet, we let you hold onto your clubs while the shafts are shipped, so you don't miss valuable playing time. 

Heavier shafts are optimal for fast swinging players as it helps with tighter dispersion, having a lower launch, and maintaining a consistent feel. Lighter shafts are for players who want to increase distance, launch it higher, and spin more (holding greens). 

Graphite shafts are generally lighter increasing distance, but are also good for lessening the impact on your joints. Aside from carrying the KBS TGI/PGI Iron shafts, we also have Fujikura Vista Pro, Pro 75, and Sakura shafts in house! As always, we can custom order anything we don't have.

Have something specific in mind? Please reach out to us below!

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Irons & Wedges
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We are Certified Dealers with both KBS and Fujikura! If you're looking at upgrading your shafts for any club in your bag, we can help! We can also order most shafts that aren't included in these two brands as well. Please reach out to us if you have any specific questions!


We're now able to do Fujikura Driver Shaft fittings for any major club brand including Taylormade, Callaway, Cobra, PING, Wilson Staff, and Titleist! Try out some of the latest technology Fujikura has to offer. Click here to see which shafts we offer for demo!

We offer a FREE TIP (for any adjustable club), grip, and install for any Fujikura Shaft $200 or more!

Certifed Dealers
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