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9 Shot Challenge
At The Brabazon

Torrey Pines- 9 Shot

December 2nd-December 10th at Gastrau's Golf Center

What is it?

To wrap up 2021 and come into 2022 swinging, Toptracer is giving you the chance to take on the luxurious Brabazon course at the Belfry (virtually, of course). Hit your best approach shot for all 9 holes and Toptracer will add up the total distances across all 9 holes. You can play as many times as you wish!


Make sure to download the Toptracer Range Mobile App so that your scores are recorded and to access the tournament! 

The Brabazon Virtual Golf 9-Shot Challenge.jpeg

What are the prizes?

We're glad you asked (or you just kept reading)! While not everyone will be able to compete on the national and global scale, Gastrau's is offering range exclusive prizes to spice up the competition!


1) $25 Gift Certificate (Valid towards anything in the shop)

2) Receives a coupon for a Toptracer Large


A little sporadic with your irons? Don't worry, you can still win a prize!

Don't worry! Just by entering the tournament, you are automatically entered for a drawing that will win one Free Toptracer Medium!

As long as your username is entered into the

leaderboard, you have a chance to walk away

with free golf!

9-Shot Challenge Brabazon Hype.jpeg
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